Key Contacts

Appeals - Adie Thompson, Appeals Clerk: 601-987-4295

Business Office (assessments, accounts payable, purchasing):

  • Assessment Information: 601-987-4285
  • Accounts Payable: 601-987-4289
  • Payroll Information: 601-987-4290
  • Purchasing: 601-987-4285
  • Second Injury Fund Information, Controverted: 601-987-4290
  • Second Injury Fund Information, Non-Controverted: 601-987-4285

Claimant Assistance and Information:

  • Miranda Baker, Claims Representative: 601-987-4273. E-mail: mbaker at
  • Amanda Hammond, Claims Representative: 601-987-4251. E-mail: mhammond at

Commission Secretary's Office:

  • Joyce Wells, Commission Secretary: 601-987-4252 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard. E-mail: jwells at
  • Dorothy Vance, Assistant Secretary: 601-987-4223. E-mail: dvance at
  • Wanda Whisenton, Assistant Secretary: 601-987-4213. E-mail: wwhisenton at

Commissioners' Assistants

  • Lee Anne Muncie, assistant to Chairman Williams, 601-987-4258, or E-mail: lmuncie at
  • Gigi Pope, assistant to Commissioner Webb, 601-987-4256, or E-mail: gpope at
  • Machele Williams, assistant to Commissioner Aldridge, 601-987-4254, or E-mail: mwilliams at

Computer Information Systems:

  • Dorothy Irving, Information Systems Manager: 601-987-4286. E-mail: dirving at
  • Matt Torres, Network Specialist: 601-987-4203. E-mail: mtorres at
  • Dedric Garrett, Programmer Analyst: 601-987-4287. E-mail: dgarrett at

Controverted Claims Information: 601-987-4217 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard.

Copy Requests - send letter of request to:

Copy Request
PO Box 5300
Jackson, MS 39296

Employment Information (Employment verification, job opening information): 601-987-4204

File Room, Non-Controverted Claims:

  • Sheila Cheatham, Claims Department Supervisor: 601-987-4291 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard. E-mail: scheatham at

Fraud Reporting (Attorney General's Office):

  • Carla J. Clark, Division Director, Fraud Division: 601-359-4250
  • Linn Gunn, Criminal Investigator: 601-359-4250
  • Mike McQueen, Criminal Investigator: 601-359-4250
  • Bert Wallace, Criminal Investigator: 601-359-4250
  • In-state toll free number: 888-528-5780

Front Desk Switchboard: Toll Free 866-473-6922 or 601-987-4200

Full Commission Hearings: Lee Anne Muncie, 601-987-4258

Insurance Commission: 601-359-3569

Insurance Coverage

  • Proof of Coverage, Policy Renewal Information - Preston Williams: 601-987-4207

Judges' Legal Assistants:

  • Faye Sloan Black, Assistant to Judges Mounger & Thompson: 601-987-4271. E-mail: fsloan at
  • LaKeshae Garrett, Assistant to Judges Lott & Arnold: 601-987-4272. E-mail: E-mail: lgarrett at
  • Helen Johnson, Assistant to Judges Dixon & Harthcock: 601-987-4268. E-mail: hjohnson at
  • Shirley Williams, Assistant to Judges Best & Wilson: 601-987-4202. E-mail: swilliams at

Lexis Publishing Company (Law books): 800-562-1197 or at their website at

Legal Division:

  • James Rankin, Senior Attorney: 601-987-4218 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard. E-mail: jrankin at
  • Alan Goodman, Senior Attorney:  601-987-4279 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard.  E-mail:  agoodman at
  • Megan Garrott, Staff Attorney:  601-987-4284 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard.  E-mail:  mgarrott at

Lump Sum Information: 601-987-4291. E-mail: scheatham at

Maintenance: 601-987-4211. E-mail:aknight at

Maritime Workers' Compensation (Department of Labor): 504-589-2671

U.S. Department of Labor
Office of Workers' Compensation Programs
701 Loyola Avenue
Room 13032

New Orleans, Louisiana 70113

Medical Cost Containment (Fee Schedule Questions): 601-987-4280. E-mail: cmills at

Medical Fee Schedule (Ordering): 1-800-464-3649. Internet:

NCCI Classification Codes and Rates (NCCI Customer Service): 800-622-4123, Option 6

Non-Controverted Claims Information: 601-987-4238, 601-987-4239 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard.

Pre-hearing Division: 601-987-4260 or TOLL FREE to the switchboard.

Rehabilitation Division: 601-987-4251

Self-Insurance Division: 601-987-4207

Southeastern Rating Bureau: 800-622-4123


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